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Your 28 DAY FAT BUSTER CHALLENGE is on it's way...

Hey it's Dee again and your 
28 Day Fat Buster Challenge is on it's way!

This very same 28-day program has been responsible for helping my most successful clients reach their fitness goals.

Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching for the 
Busy Professional
Anita E. lost over 30 pounds in 3 months
Angel L. went from 320 pound to 176 pounds in 15 months
Hello, I'm Dee
Creator of 
Healthy Body In Motion

Dee is a wellness coach, home business trainer, speaker, researcher and creator of 

As a wellness coach, Dee provides online coaching and training to maximize your time.  Her personalized programs help clients develop good habits of diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Just a minute ago you decided to download this tool to get on the success path.

Taking action isn't easy, so I want to recognize you for it!

Here are your options...

Option 1:  Download my 28 Day Fat Buster Challenge and try to do it alone... 

Or, the second option...

Option 2:  Let me be your mentor and coach for the next 28-days... This option will insure you are successful and don't just quit after a couple of days (like most people).

When clients first come to me, they tell me stories of wasted time and failed attempts at getting in shape.  Does this sound familiar?

(stressed and tired ...)

If you have tried and failed to achieve your fitness goals in the past... it's Ok. 

Fat loss and making your body tone is a challenge.   Most people make a LOT of MISTAKES at this.

I've taken some of the guess work out with my 28 Day Fat Buster Challenge... 

The challenge  breaks down the exact exercise components that you need to jump start your fitness goals.

But the 28 Day Fat Buster Challenge is missing this critical element...
Coaching, Accountability and Motivation
How serious are you right NOW about achieving your health and fitness goals?

How serious are you right now about feeling better than you did yesterday?

If you are as serious as I think you are, I want to invite you to work with me and my team of trained experts so we can guide you to success...

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Instead of investing and wasting time on other products and programs with no proven track record.

I am going to  give you a complimentary Fitness and Nutrition Discovery Session.   This is a $60 value. 

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This means you get:
  • A virtual baseline fitness assessment (we will do this online using Skype or Fuze)
  • Science backed Nutritional Guidance
  • The Best Success Coaching Available with me so you can get a jump-start on your goals
I usually charge $60 per hour for this service, but you get it for FREE!

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